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Establishment & implementation of innovation

Project management is the service model which sets up and executes innovation programs, leading to innovations. Our innovation managers will take the lead in the innovation programs as commissioned by our clients.

Performance contracts for cost savings 

Performance contracts are a special category of innovation programs. They are ideal for cost savings. In a performance contract we agree to a management fee that is related to the actual cost savings. TriStar Management takes responsibility for the full implementation of the proposed innovation.

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The textst of the website from TriStar Management were written in collaboration with Joyce Stewart from

The website provides information on the new proposition of TriStar Management.

If you have questions about the new proposition or the website, please call Han Maas (+31 621 132 974).

De teksten van de website van TriStar Management zijn opgesteld in samenwerking met Joyce Stewart van

De website geeft inzicht in de vernieuwde propositie van TriStar Management. 

Heeft u vragen over de vernieuwde propositie of over de website, bel met Han Maas (0621132974).