An innovation program connects 

An innovation program contains all related projects and activities with the purpose to determine all opportunities and risks for your business and from there anticipate with concrete actions. Innovation is the final product.


Two-step innovation

Innovation can be obtained in two major steps:

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  1. Setting up the innovation program: exploring opportunities and risks in your business and determining the necessary measures to be able to anticipate.

  2. Executing the innovation program: taking all necessary measures to enable innovation.


'Making Foot Prints In Europe'

Our Innovation Program 'Making Foot Prints In Europe' allows you to obtain a market position in Europe. On your request, we organise personnel and facilities for your offshore operations. We recruit employees and acquire the necessary office facilities that will be allocated to your offshore project team. After start-up, we will charge a fixed monthly management fee.

This proposition is suitable for (temporary) teams of sales, engineering, financial and HR professionals.

For more information, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Innovation managers with foresight 

TriStar Management supports businesses in setting up and executing innovation programs. Our innovation managers are involved in all phases of innovation.

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