Why innovate? 

Opportunities and risks in your business can have a positive and negative impact on profitability and continuity of your business. To exploit opportunities and mitigate risks, it is important to anticipate changing conditions: to innovate!


The power of innovation 

Innovation is not an abstract idea. It does not only refer to 'highbrow' technology development or fast market approaches. A solution can only be called innovative when all elements of your business model are mutually consistent: if your market, pricing and cost structure are determined and your organization is adequately adapted. Therefore it is necessary to have all the right answers to opportunities and risks.


iStock 000016582682 ExtraSmall (1)Where lies your profit?

Innovation takes place in all four elements of your business model:

  • Market Innovation
  • Proposition Renewal
  • Value Innovation
  • Change Management


Market innovation helps strengthen your market position 

Market innovation aims at improving the market position of your business. Your position is determined in relative to other market players, such as customers, competitors, partners, suppliers, regulators and financiers. Suppose you want to expand your market position abroad, for example in Europe.


Obtaining strong products and services 

Proposition renewal focuses on improving your products and services portfolio. The need to improve your portfolio will occur as a consequence of changing market conditions, product development, declined pricing levels etc. Our innovation programs will determine and embed the renewed portfolio within your organization.


Create more added value 

Value Innovation is focused on improving added value in your value chain. Added value is the margin between revenues and the cost structure of your value chain. It is the self-created value of your business. It is the purpose of our innovation programs to eliminate unnecessary activities, create necessary activities and revise useful activities in your value chain.


Overcoming organisational hurdle 

Change management is focused on improving business processes, assets and organisations. Innovation will be completed when all necessary adjustments have been implemented and accepted by the organisation; when all organisational hurdles have been removed.

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