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TriStar Management is located in the "Ideeënfabriek" (Ideas Factory), a business facility for communication, creation and innovation.



You can reach us at:

  • Our visiting address: Liessentstraat 9a, 5405 AH Uden (NL).
  • Our postal address: P.O. Box 644, 5404 AP Uden (NL).
  • Our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Latest News

The textst of the website from TriStar Management were written in collaboration with Joyce Stewart from

The website provides information on the new proposition of TriStar Management.

If you have questions about the new proposition or the website, please call Han Maas (+31 621 132 974).

De teksten van de website van TriStar Management zijn opgesteld in samenwerking met Joyce Stewart van

De website geeft inzicht in de vernieuwde propositie van TriStar Management. 

Heeft u vragen over de vernieuwde propositie of over de website, bel met Han Maas (0621132974).