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Innovation is the engine of your business

Research shows that innovation is the instrument to ensure profitability and continuity of businesses. Innovation is the engine of every successful business. It enables companies to exploit new opportunities and adapt to changing circumstances. In our view, innovation is the ability to anticipate and from there create new business opportunities. .



How do we achieve innovation?

TriStar Management realizes innovations through the 2-3-4 model.

  • Innovation is accomplished in two steps: the design and implementation of the innovation program.
  • TriStar Management has three service models: consultancy, project management and crisis management.
  • Innovation takes place in the four areas of the business model: market position, value proposition, value creation and organisation.

 Innovation is teamwork

We work with partners who will all contribute to your innovations based on their own knowledge area. Teamwork is how TriStar Management makes projects successful.

 Ready for innovation?

Please contact us if you are interested in our innovation programs..


Latest News

The textst of the website from TriStar Management were written in collaboration with Joyce Stewart from

The website provides information on the new proposition of TriStar Management.

If you have questions about the new proposition or the website, please call Han Maas (+31 621 132 974).

De teksten van de website van TriStar Management zijn opgesteld in samenwerking met Joyce Stewart van

De website geeft inzicht in de vernieuwde propositie van TriStar Management. 

Heeft u vragen over de vernieuwde propositie of over de website, bel met Han Maas (0621132974).